The SEXIEST Commercial Furniture on the Planet

Dealerships, designers, and architects: If you’ve worked on a commercial design project, chances are you’ve needed to source custom furniture. And custom furniture was likely NOT your favorite part of that project.


Because most commercial furniture companies are not masters of the custom process. In fact, most furniture companies HATE custom furniture, and they make sure you hate it too. They try to force your custom project through a “mass production” model, requiring you to jump through hoops and write detailed specifications (that they often ignore). They make you suffer exorbitant upcharges and long lead times. You have to beg for updates during production, then they disappear once your furniture ships.

In general…the custom furniture process has made you SO MISERABLE, that you often settle for lower quality or poorly dimensioned furniture off a shelf just to keep your project on track. And that “easy solution” ultimately disappoints your client OR it completely fails after a few months of heavy use. Not sexy. Not sexy at all.

We are here to change all that.

We are a furniture company managed by an actual furniture designer…who LOVES CUSTOM FURNITURE.

Jeffrey Braun started this company in 2001 with a truck-load of furniture designs and a dream to share beautiful furniture with the world. And we still put that same energy into all our custom projects.

High-use environments like busy lobbies, offices and collaborative work spaces, public spaces, retail spaces, and multi-family projects…these spaces NEED amazing custom furniture solutions.

And that’s why we’ve developed an easy, 5-step custom furniture process especially for dealerships, designers and architects who work on these types of high-use projects.

The first step in our custom process? You’re about to take it! Just click the link and schedule a FURNITURE STRATEGY SESSION. No specifications, no waiting for a rep to call, no jumping through hoops. You’ll speak to one of the owners of our company for 15 minutes. (These are the people that LOVE custom furniture.)

Look, we may not know you yet, but we already LOVE your custom furniture project. Let’s get on the phone together and make sure YOU love your custom furniture as much as we do.